VITTORIO CORCOS. Adventures of the gaze

The exhibition, curated by Carlo Sisi, traces six “chapters” of the artistic life of Corcos, with both intimate and opulent paintings, so as to give us back, almost perceptible, the atmosphere of the past.

The most wonderful piece of forniture of the entire world


Opened in 1999 by Giulio Ometto, the Accorsi – Ometto Museum has given life to Pietro Accorsi’s great dream with an installation that spans 27 rooms and over three thousand works of art including paintings, ceramics, furniture, furnishings, crystals and tapestries.

A wonderful piece of furniture

A rich exposition

Opened in 1999 by Giulio Ometto, the Accorsi Museum – Ometto
fulfills the dream of Pietro Accorsi with a display on 27 rooms..


Paintings and miniatures


mounted objects



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